beelden in natuursteen - frieda waanders - Sunray boekuitgave

Sculptures of natural stone
Frieda Waanders
ISBN 978-94-91574-01-6

Bach complete organ works, Cor Ardesch - sunray book edition

The organ works of J.S. Bach
Cor Ardesch
ISBN 978-94-91574-18-4

What does the soul tell? Wali van Lohuizen

What does the soul tell?
Wali van Lohuizen
ISBN 978-94-91574-19-1

Werkgroep Muziek Grote Kerk Dordrecht - PR

Programme book 2018
Grote Kerk Dordrecht

ROI prospectus - ROI Institute Europe - Sunray uitgave

ROI Institute Europe

Na het jubeljaar - MarYam Mildenberg - Sunray boekuitgave

Na het jubeljaar
MarYam Mildenberg
ISBN 978-94-91574-09-2

Straattafrelen - MarYam Mildenberg - sunray boekuitgave

MarYam Mildenberg
ISBN 978-94-91574-23-8

Straattafrelen, MarYam Mildenberg - uitgave Sunray

Concert series 2018
Groote Kerk Maassluis

Draaiboek - MarYam Mildenberg - Sunray boekuitgave

MarYam Mildenberg
ISBN 978-94-91574-00-9

This is just a small selection to give you a first impression. Sunray can coach you during your writing process, edit your book and give it an attractive, well-suited cover and typography. Of course we also advise about the production of your book – for this purpose we work together with specialised printers. For large and small editions. As soon as your books are produced, we can make it available in the bookshops, online and offline. That is: if you want it to be available in the bookshops – we are also strong in limited editions for a special occasion! Curious about the possibilities? Please make an appointment to discuss your ideas over a cup of coffee or tea.