New: free and gentle

August 2021

Finally a new painting! Due to my Musicology studies at the University of Amsterdam and my work as a graphic designer, not much time is left to paint. But here's another one, entitled free and gentle. A work consisting of various shapes of mdf layered on top of eachother, painted in acrylic combined with several textures, such as sand an jute. This way extra depth is created. Would you like to have a look at this (and other) works, please feel free to make an appointment!


free and gentle - painting in acrylic on wood by Herma Ardesch



November 2020

From 7 November until 19 December 2020 Herma exhibited her work at Gallery 'de Tuinkamer' in Hoofddorp. Due to COVID-19 precautions,the opening and the concert by Ménestrel had to be canceled. Apart from Herma's paintings on wood, canvas and small painted objects, Petrus Griepink showed porcelain and Els Grootaers exhibited sculptures in stone, bronze and steel. Due to the lockdown, this exhibition closed early at December 12.




CD Brahms

October 2020

On this cd, Cor Ardesch plays the complete organ works of Johannes Brahms on the romantic organ of the Grote Kerk in Dordrecht. An informative 32 pages booklet accompanies this cd with information on the life and works of Johannes Brahms, the registrations used ánd beautiful pictures of the organ and the church. You can listen to some audio samples at the website of Cor Ardesch, through which you can also order this cd.



Cor Ardesch - Brahms organ works - artwork Sunray


CD Timbre

April 2020

Sander van den Houten is presenting his first CD Timbre. He recorded a varied programme with works of Frescobaldi, played on the Italian organ and Buxtehude, Bach, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Martin and Bunk on the famous Bätz-orgel of the Evangelisch-Lutherse Kerk in The Hague. The booklet comes with programme notes of Albert Clement on the Partite diverse sopra 'Sei gegrüßet, Jesu gütig' oder 'O Jesu, du edle Gabe' of Johann Sebastian Bach and Hans Fidom on the Fantasie in C Minor (opus 57) of Gerard Bunk.



Sander van den Houten  CD Timbre artwork Sunray


Management book

August 2019

The third edition of the Dutch management book 'De Waarde van Leren' will appear in September 2019 as a paperback, issued by Sunray. This book is a dialogue in which many Dutch professionals give their vision on learning and performing. Bernard Wientjes says: 'For our future, learning is everything.' The content of this book hasn't lost any value since its first edition in 2012. Available through the ROI Institute Europe.



boek De Waarde van Leren


CD series

July 2019

Series of four CD's in which Peter Westerbrink revives the Hanseatic organ culture on famous organs from Groningen, built by Arp Schnitger. He plays compositions by Franz Tunder and contemporaries, such as Praetorius, Scheidemann and Weckman. On these CD's he also performs works by anonymous composers from the same period which is rarely played. You can order the CD's here.



Tunder cd-serie Peter Westerbribk



boek Luchtwortels, MarYam Mildenberg - Sunray art & design



pr Dordrecht Grote Kerk concertseries



Synode 400 jaar


Like a Phoenix

September 2018

An organ built in 1811, stored for years in a shed and on an attic, is brought to life again in the Oude Kerk of Soest. Organ builder Reil has performed a miracle in having the organ rise from its ashes like a Phoenix. Gonny van der Maten plays it on this CD, which will be presented in November.



Als een Feniks - cd Gonny van der Maten



July 2018

From July 13 to August 31 an exhibition is taking place at the 'Expositiehuis' of Den Ham with works by various artists coming from or still living in Den Ham, who were inspired by this village. The painting 'Bells chiming' by Herma Ardesch will also be exhibited. Opening hours are listed here.



Expositie Den Ham


Various promotional material

March-July 2018

Also in 2018 Sunray was commissioned to design the promotional material for the organ concert series in the Grote Kerk of Dodrecht and have it produced. Various posters, flyers and a programme book, listing the various concert series, the complete programmes of the Wednesday-evening series with background information and finally an overview of the concerts on the carillon of the church tower of the Grote Kerk.



Werkgroep Muzie Grote Kerk Dordrecht


CD 'Garrels aan de Waterweg'

June 2018

This CD contains live registrations of concerts, given by Jaap Kroonenburg at the Garrels-organ of Maassluis from 2008 to 2014. The CD is released by the Organ Committee of this church, this is why its design is in line with the style of the programme book and other promotional material of the concert series 2018.



Garrels aan de Waterweg - Jaap Kroonenburg


'Bells Chiming'

May 2018

At the request of the Exhibition House in Den Ham, Herma Ardesch created the painting 'Bells Chiming'. Painted on canvas in a size of 80 x 30 cm., finished with a wooden frame. Here you can read more about this exhibition.



beierende klokken

Programme book

March 2018

The Garrels-organ Foundation Maassluis has given its concert series 2018 a new, more modern look. The book is now more compact, but still contains all relevant information about the performing organists, their programmes and of course the Garrels-organ in the old fishermen's church of Maassluis. This programme book and a cup of coffee or tea after each concert are included in the admission fee.



Straattafrelen, MarYam Mildenberg - uitgave Sunray


CD The divine routine

February 2018

In 2017 Louis Andriessen composed his first organ work, 'The divine routine', commemorating his father Hendrik's 125th birthday. During the opening concert of the Andriessen/De Klerk Festival in Haarlem Gonny van der Maten performed its premiere. Now this composition is recorded on CD, together with more special works from 20th and 21st century composers. The design is inspired by 'De Stijl', The CD booklet explains why.



cd De goddelijke routine - Louis Andriessen door Gonny van der Maten - design Sunray


Happy Holidays!

December 2017


kerstwens 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy 2018!

Herma Ardesch



kerst 2017


Book Straattafrelen

November 2017

Random passers-by and fleeting moments are depicted by MarYam Mildenberg in 33 poems and 11 photos. She takes you on a walk through the streets of Amsterdam in this special book, written in Dutch. A Sunray edition.


Straattafrelen, MarYam Mildenberg - uitgave Sunray



November 2017

Commissioned by the Soefi Beweging Nederland Sunray designed this brochure. The first step was to find a photo from nature, symbolising the content. Based on this photo, the brochure was designed, emphasising the content and the picture. This brochure can be used in print and digitally.



PR folder Soefibeweging - Sunray ontwerp


CD Schiedam Organ City

October 2017

Arjen Leistra, city organist of Schiedam, releases a double-CD, performed on the two organs in the Haven Church and the St. John's Church. The programme consists of compositions Leistra has played during concerts over the last years, although the recordings were done without an audience present. You hear a.o. Bach, Reger, Karg-Elert, Andriessen, Dupré, Widor and Liszt. This double-CD is presented on October 28, 2017. The artwork was created by Sunray.



Schiedam orgelstad - Arjen Leistra


CD Art of Creation

September 2017

On the new CD Art of Creation by Cor Ardesch contemporary Dutch compositions are recorded, played at the Kam-organ in the in de Great Church of Dordrecht. Works of Piet Post, Jan Welmers, Bert Matter and an improvisation by Cor were recorded. On Friday 27 October 2017 this CD will be presented. The artwork was again created by Sunray.



Art of Creation, Cor Ardesch, artwork Sunray art & design


CD Bierling live

July 2017

A new CD on which Geert Bierling plays improvisations and some of his own compositions. Live registrations of concerts given between 1999 and 2016, played on the organs of De Doelen, the Laurenskerk, the Laurentius en Elisabethkathedraal and the Hoflaankerk, all in Rotterdam, the Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk in Harderwijk and the Groote Kerk in Maassluis.



Bierling live - Sunray cd artwork



'Compassion' and 'Courage'

July 2017

Two new Sunray artworks, entitled Courage (left) and Compassion (right), made on wooden panels, on which the various parts are constructed on top of one another, sometimes floating. Acrylic on wood with textile and finished with copper- and silverthread. Size Courage 120 x 61 x 7 cm, size Compassion 100 x 61 x 6 cm.


Compassion en Courage




Aangenaam! 5de editie, online magazine Sunray



Programme book

April 2017

This programme book of the concert series 2017 in the 'Groote of Nieuwe Kerk' in Maassluis does not only contain all concert programmes. You can also find information about the performing musicians and extensive programme notes, written by journalist and music lover Piet Warnaar.







programmaboek Maassluis 2017 orgelconcerten


Concert Series

March 2017

Sunray was commissioned to give all promotion material for the 2017 concert series in the Grote Kerk of Dordrecht a new, fresh look. Something we just love to do! The overview of all concerts and the poster and programme of the traditional Bach by Candlelight concert on the 24th of March 2017 are ready. An extensive programme book and more posters and programmes will follow later this season.




Werkgroep Muziek Grote Kerk Dordrecht - PR


En later overal

February 2017

By the end of February this book by MarYam Mildenberg will be available. It is written in prose poetry. Again and again the author switches between 1648 and the present and she takes the reader along all over the world, while she encounters 'wonderful creatures, mysterious realities and magical movements'. She depicts times and places, people of various origins and merges them into the colours of the rainbow.




en later overal, een Sunray uitgave, auteur MarYam Mildenberg


Diana's Dreams

January 2017

This new CD 'Diana's Dreams' with harp solo music by Diana de Vries will soon be released. On it you can find works by Scarlatti, Albeniz, Tournier, Piazzolla, Rousseau, Khan, Hasselmans, Mchedelev, Chopin and some compositions of Diana herself. This CD comes with an informative booklet, in which Diana reveals her own dreams. Listen to this romantic CD and dream along with Diana! The artwork was created by Sunray.




solo harpcd Diana de Vries Diana's Dreams


Happy 2017!

December 2016




Kerstwens 2016



ROI Institute Europe en Paul Jansen



Geert Bierling Handel cd's - Sunray



Sunray online magazine Aangenaam! Herma Ardesch en veel meer...


cd Bach Day

October 2016

You never get enough of Bach! On the occasion of Bach Day Amersfoort on 8 October Rien Donkersloot recorded this cd. Sunray did the artwork, with thanks to Rob van Doeselaar for allowing the use of his Bach portrait, which also is part of the logo of the Bach Day Amersfoort.



Bach cd Rien Donkersloot - artwork Sunray


Bach Project

August 2016

'The complete organ works by J.S. Bach' played by Cor Ardesch, an 18 CD's production. Each CD comes with a booklet with extensive programme notes. This series is completed with an 80 pages hardcover book, in the size of a CD, filled with background information, beautiful photos and an overview of the works recorded. A luxury box is produced for the CD's and the book. Read more at the website of Cor Ardesch, where you can also order the complete CD box. Sunray has done the artwork and the design for this entire project.


cor ardesch bachproject - Sunray



9 September - 11 November 2016

On September 9th the exhibition 'Kunst aan de Kade' opens in Delft, with paintings by Herma Ardesch and others. You can find Gallery Kunst aan de Kade in Grand-Café Verderop, which is part of the VAK Center for the Arts, Westvest 9, 2611 AX Delft. You are welcome at the opening on Friday 9 September at 15.00 hrs.


exhibition Kunst aan de Kade Delft


Book publication

July 2016

In July the book 'What does the soul tell?' by Wali van Lohuizen will be available. Sunray is proud to publish this book. Its central theme: 'What is the soul, who is the soul? Can it be explained? Can it be perceived?' Click here to read more. An English edition with some beautiful recommendations, for The Netherlands it can also be ordered by e-mailing Sunray.


Sunray nieuwe website


Sunray website

June 2016

Busy working on beautiful projects for clients it may take some time before it is Sunray's turn. But now the new Sunray site is 'live' and, even more important: you have found it! Your feedback is welcome.


Sunray nieuwe website


Bach Project

June 2016

Behind the screens Cor Ardesch and his team are working on a stylish completion of the project 'The complete organ works of J.S. Bach'. The presentation of the 18th CD is planned for August 24. At that moment the book and the collector's box, accompanying this cd series, will be available as well. With these items, the Bach cd-series will be completed in a stylish way. We will show the results soon... Presentation concert: 24 August, 20.00 hrs at the Grote Kerk in Dordrecht. More info at the website of Cor Ardesch.




cd-reeks Bach Cor Ardesch




expositie Colourful Worlds Herma Ardesch