'Herma paints music'

Made for the exhibition under the same title in Gallery De Tuinkamer, at the end of 2020. See also the exhibition page. Spoken in Dutch, the music is played by Cor Ardesch on the Bach organ in Dordrecht.




'With heart and soul'

RTV Dordrecht made this documentary of the exhibition 'With heart and soul' of paintings by Herma Ardesch, sculptures by Frieda Waanders and improvisations by Cor Ardesch.




Improvisation on 'Gabriel'

During the opening of the exhibition 'With heart and soul' in Dordrecht, Cor Ardesch played an improvisation inspired by the painting 'Gabriel' of his sister Herma. A special encounter between different art disciplines.




Exhibition VU mc

This video registration gives you an impression of the exhibition 'Colourful Worlds' in the chapel of the VU Medical Center, with paintings by Herma Ardesch.



exhibition colourful worlds VUmc